Swim in the shallow waters of a natural pool with music and drinks aboard a Catamaran

The tour starts near white sand beach in Bibijagua, where you will be shipping to the adventure.

Discover a wonderful natural pool of crystalline waters on the coast of Bávaro in a unique way, the magnificent views of the horizon aboard a Party Boat.

Swim with stingrays, sharks and color fish when doing different activities such as snorkeling and underwater walking.

Boat Trip In Seaquarium

You’ll always be accompanied by highly trained personnel who will ensure that you live a unique and safe experience in the turquoise sea of ​​the Dominican Republic.

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For you to spend an extraordinary time, it is important to consider some details:

If you are prone to dizziness or if you have children, it is important that they take a pill to prevent dizziness. Now just enjoy the catamaran ride.

Boat Ride With Seaquarium

Do not worry about bringing snorkeling equipment, this will provided on board the catamaran at the time of the activity

Towels are not provided on this tour so do not forget to bring your own as well as a change of clothes to change in case you need it and do not forget to pack everything you think you might need such as a sunscreen, sunglasses, caps, etc.

One of the most important points when boarding a boat is safety.

Be sure to follow all crew instructions and use safety equipment when instructed you.

Natural Pools In Seaquarium

Are you ready for Seaquarium? All aboard!​

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